Would Highly Recommend


We are a relatively big business within the Building & Construction trade. The Daily Jobs Post Sales Staff were very confident when providing us a package to receive the highest quality candidates to fill several roles. The price of the package was very competitive, and the response was of great standards, the applicants had the experience and qualifications to more than fulfill the companies needs making the interview process much easier.

Great value for money, outstanding outcome with high standards.


Steve Knight
Knight Construction Ltd

Positive and Achievable Outcome


The Daily Jobs Post fulfilled our recruiting needs offering us a fantastic deal with their package that includes a job filled guarantee to keep the advert running until the right candidate came through our door. We never needed to use the time offered as the process was extremely achievable within a matter of a few weeks we had found the right person.

Great and Quick response.


Helen Spot
Westborough Care & Support

Great Customer Service


After dealing with local newspapers I was very hesitant to use another newspaper, now I have advertised with The daily Jobs Post I can honestly say they have changed how I recruit my future staff. I have to say the customer service I received they went above and beyond to get an excellent candidate to fill a very specialized I.T role. So, our company will be giving 10 out of 10 for performance and quality.

Brilliant Service


Ian White
Blue Stone ICT Solutions Ltd